The piece NEOTTIAN by Euripides Bekos , to win the “Nikos Skalkottas 2019 Prize”.

“Nikos Skalkottas 2019”

International Competition Composition

For Orchestral Works 


Commemorating the 70th anniversary since the passing of the prominent Greek composer Nikos Skalkottas,
the Greek Composers Union announced an International Composition Competition whose aim was to encourage composers from all over the world to create new pieces for orchestra and to promote contemporary creation.

There arrived sixty-four pieces for orchestra, all of them of high quality, as noticed by the members of the Jury that selected the piece NEOTTIAN by Euripides Bekos ,
to win the “Nikos Skalkottas Prize”.
The winning composition will be performed on the 29th of November 2019 by the Athens State Orchestra at Megaron – the Athens Concert Hall, in the frame of the International Conference entitled ‘Skalkottas Today’.

The same work also won the Prize provided by the Athens State Orchestra for the best work written
by a young Greek composer born after 1984.   

During 2019 there has been a series of events which commemorate the 70th anniversary of Skalkotas’s death, co-organised by the Greek Composers’ Union, the Athens State Orchestra, the Friends of Music Society, Megaron – the Athens Concert Hall and the ‘Emilios Chourmouzios – Marika Papaioannou Foundation’.

Members of the Jury

Titos Gouvelis, pianist – Greece

Konstantia Gourzi, composer and conductor, Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Munich – Germany  

Iakovos Konitopoulos, composer and conductor, General Secretary of the Greek Composers’ Union – Greece

Miltos Logiades, conductor, Artistic Director of the Athens Concert Hall, Professor at the Ionian University – Greece

Joseph Papadatos, composer, Professor and
Vice Rector at the Ionian University,
President of the Greek Composers’ Union – Greece

Christos Samaras, composer, Professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Greece

Evis Sammoutis, composer, Assistant Professor at Ithaca College, NY – USA

Stefanos Tsialis, conductor, Artistic Director of the Athens State Orchestra – Greece

George Tsontakis, composer and conductor – USA

Calliope Tsoupaki, composer, Composition Teacher at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, Composer Laureate of the Netherlands 2018 / 2020 – Netherlands

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